Application Requirements

The Application Process

Application Requirements

Below are our requirements for the successful completion of an application.  Please note that a $30 application fee is required for each application, payable prior to the beginning of the application process. The cost of an application for a business is $50.   Due to expenses involved in processing, application fees are non-refundable.

We require the following information:

– Previous two years of employment references
– Previous two years of rental references (or home ownership)
– Current credit report (run by Leslie and Associates only, no other source)
– Background screening.  Applicants with felony records will not be approved; applicants with misdemeanors involving aggressive behavior toward others will not be approved (such as felonies that have been “pleaded down” to a misdemeanor, breaking and entering, drug dealing, assault, sex offense, etc).
– VERIFIABLE income – Applicants must show proof of ability to pay.  Gross monthly income must be at least three times the monthly rent.  There are several options toward that end:
1.  Currently employed applicants may provide paycheck stubs for the previous three months.
2.  Self-employed applicants who do not have paycheck stubs must provide the past two years of federal income tax returns.  If you do not file taxes, we cannot verify income.
3.  Retirees may provide copies of the past three months of bank statements if they wish for those funds to be considered as proof of ability to pay.  The bank account(s) MUST be held in the applicant’s name.  The current balance, as well as the average daily balance for the past three months, must be at least three times the annual rent for the unit for which they are applying.  For example, application for a May 1 start date and monthly rent of $750 requires an average daily balance minimum of $750 x 12 months x 3 years ($27,000) in the bank account under consideration, since at least January 1 of that year.

Additional Application Information
All information collected in the application process is held in strictest confidence and is used only to provide property owners with qualified tenants.

A unit is not considered “rented” until the application(s) has been approved, a one-year lease has been signed by all parties, and a full security deposit has been paid.  We do not “hold” available units off the market; units are either available for rent or they are rented.

All rental units are smoke-free; smoking is prohibited inside a 50-foot radius of all buildings on all rental properties.  A No-Smoking Addendum is part of every lease.

We do not permit co-signers, with the exception of disabled adults with legal guardians.

Pet Information
Many, but not all, of our properties are pet-friendly.  Please click here for complete Pet Information.

Directions to the Office
Leslie and Associates is located at The Manor Inn Apartments, 265 Charlotte Street, Suite 2, Asheville, NC, 28801, 828-253-1517,  From I-240 in Asheville, take the Charlotte Street exit; I-240 West, turn right onto Charlotte St, I-240 East, turn left onto Charlotte St.  Go approximately one mile; The Manor Inn Apartments will be on your right.

Office Hours
We are open Monday – Friday, 8:30AM – 5:30PM.  We are closed on weekends.

We Want to Help You through the Application Process
Give yourself adequate time to apply, read/sign the lease, and make all payments; we close at 5:30PM.  Come prepared with all information needed to complete application (including phone numbers).  Photo IDs are required for all leaseholders and permitted occupants.

No cash payments are accepted. Approved applicants wishing to occupy a unit within one week of application must be prepared to pay all fees with guaranteed funds (money orders).

Applications are processed as quickly as possible; depending on reference response times, the process can be swift, but may become protracted if they delay.  Most applications process in 24 – 48 hours.  If there are delays, we will contact you for assistance.

Online Application
Applicants may fill out and submit applications online (printable version also available).  Online payment available; please visit